Welcome to Superhero PC repair.

If your looking for affordable and the best computer repair or troubleshooting then I am the man for you. I have been working on computers since I was 15 years old and after I high school I went to ATI career training center for electronic technology. It was there that I received training for A+ and Network + certifications. After attending ATI, I began working locally for a small computer repair shop running calls and performing services managing company networks and maintaining the computer systems of the some municipalities in the local area.

I went on to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from Western Governor’s University, obtained many more industry computer certifications in addition to begin work on my Master’s Degree in Cyber Security and Information assurance. I make it my mission to provide the best computer repair and IT service to all of my customers great and small.

I have experience making house calls and working from my shop in my home. I have the time and patience to sit on computer manufacturers to help get problems with customers PC’s resolved so that they don’t have too. Currently I am working for a local community college¬†in the area helping to keep their IT Services department¬†running as well. You can be sure that I know what it takes to fix computers because is my full time job and passion. PC repair is my passion and I am always trying to help out because I understand that you should not have to cut off and arm or a leg just to get your computer working again. The people in the Mabank and Cedar Creek Lake area have little to worry about when it comes to provide the very best computer repair because I am always just a phone call away from getting it working just fine again.

Most people I know really do not enjoy having a computer that is stressing them out and then having to call and talk to a foreign person across the ocean who is going to talk in terms you don’t understand in an accent you can’t understand to try and get your computer fixed. That is a lot of stress on someone who just wants the computer to work they way they want.

Tech Support for PC Repair
Does this situation sound familiar? Let me help!

This is where I come in, I enjoy working with computers. It is a passion to sit at a computer and figure out what is going and to do my very best to make it work the way it is supposed to. I take pride in my abilities and skills to make something that wasn’t working and give it a new life. I just want to help you get what you want and that is too just make it work the way it is supposed to. Give me a call so I can help you today.


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