Virus on Computer needing PC repair
Does you computer look like this?

All of our best pc and computer repair services are offered for a low price. I charge a minimum for 1 hour labor for most jobs and free estimates will be giving after having your computer diagnosed. I will not usually charge a travel fee if you are in the Mabank, Gun Barrel, Kemp, Tool, or Seven Points area. If a part simply goes out and need replaced I will usually just charge you my cost for the part and a half hour labor to have it installed and to test to make sure it works correctly in your machine.


Computer Troubleshooting & Repair $25 an hour.
Hardware Installation $25 an hour.
Virus/Spyware Removal $25 an hour.
Windows Reinstallations $25 an hour.
Computer Training $25 an hour.
** (Consists of Internet and e-mail training, applications such as word processor and power point programs, as well as other general computer issues)**

Network setup $25 an hour.
Additional charges might be incurred depending on what kind of network is required and the complexity of the job.

Website Design Typically starting at $300 depending on complexity required.

Computer Upgrades $25 an hour + parts

Services Description Time
PC Tune-up Check computer Status, Examine for Problems 1-1½ hours
Additional Harddrive Memory Add a new Hard Drive to computer <1 hours
Additional System Memory Add additional memory (depends on PC) <1 hour
Upgrade Hard Drive Replace current hard drive, & transfer all data 1-2 hours
Transfer PC Hard Drive Data Transfer all Data from Old PC to a New PC 1-2 hours
Transfer Data Only Transfer all Data to a New PC except. OS or Apps 1-2 hours
Transfer Data & Applications Transfer all User Data and Up to 10 Apps 1½-2 hours
Upgrade OS Upgrade OS to Windows XP, 2000 or Vista 2-3 hours
Install New Operating System Install new OS on empty system <1½ hours
PC Overhaul Replace MB, memory, processor and case 2-4 hours
Install Scanner Install a parallel, SCSI or USB scanner to PC <1 hour
Install Printer Install a parallel or USB printer to computer <1 hour
Install Digital Camera Install a serial or USB digital camera to PC 1-1½ hours
Dial Up Internet Setup modem and software for dial-up Internet 1-1½ hours
Broadband Internet Setup Cable or DSL for Internet access 1½-2½ hours
2 Computer Wireless Network Setup 2 PCs on a wireless network 1½-3 hours
3 Computer Wireless Network Setup 3 PCs on a wireless network 2-3 hours
Large Wireless Network Please contact us for a full quote
Wired Network Please contact us for a full quote
External Peripheral Install a miscellaneous external peripheral <1 hour
Install application Install one software application <1 hour
Internal PC Card Install an internal Card (e.g. Video or Sound) <1 hour
Upgrade monitor Upgrade and configure a new monitor <1 hour
Share Internet Install and configure an Internet Gateway/Router 1-1½ hours
Anti-Virus Software Install and Configure Anti-Virus software <1 hour
Virus Removal Please contact for a full quotation
Install Firewall Setup a software firewall for 1 PC <1 hour
Data Backup Backup important data to CD (Max 700Mb) <1 hour
Spyware Removal Install Anti-Spyware and remove pests/malware 1-2 hours