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Services for the Best Computer Repair in Mabank, Texas Area


Virus on Computer needing PC repair
Does you computer look like this?

All of our best pc and computer repair services are offered for a low price. I charge a minimum for 1 hour labor for most jobs and free estimates will be giving after having your computer diagnosed. I will not usually charge a travel fee if you are in the Mabank, Gun Barrel, Kemp, Tool, or Seven Points area. If a part simply goes out and need replaced I will usually just charge you my cost for the part and a half hour labor to have it installed and to test to make sure it works correctly in your machine.


Computer Troubleshooting & Repair $25 an hour.
Hardware Installation $25 an hour.
Virus/Spyware Removal $25 an hour.
Windows Reinstallations $25 an hour.
Computer Training $25 an hour.
** (Consists of Internet and e-mail training, applications such as word processor and power point programs, as well as other general computer issues)**

Network setup $25 an hour.
Additional charges might be incurred depending on what kind of network is required and the complexity of the job.

Website Design Typically starting at $300 depending on complexity required.

Computer Upgrades $25 an hour + parts

Services Description Time
PC Tune-up Check computer Status, Examine for Problems 1-1½ hours
Additional Harddrive Memory Add a new Hard Drive to computer <1 hours
Additional System Memory Add additional memory (depends on PC) <1 hour
Upgrade Hard Drive Replace current hard drive, & transfer all data 1-2 hours
Transfer PC Hard Drive Data Transfer all Data from Old PC to a New PC 1-2 hours
Transfer Data Only Transfer all Data to a New PC except. OS or Apps 1-2 hours
Transfer Data & Applications Transfer all User Data and Up to 10 Apps 1½-2 hours
Upgrade OS Upgrade OS to Windows XP, 2000 or Vista 2-3 hours
Install New Operating System Install new OS on empty system <1½ hours
PC Overhaul Replace MB, memory, processor and case 2-4 hours
Install Scanner Install a parallel, SCSI or USB scanner to PC <1 hour
Install Printer Install a parallel or USB printer to computer <1 hour
Install Digital Camera Install a serial or USB digital camera to PC 1-1½ hours
Dial Up Internet Setup modem and software for dial-up Internet 1-1½ hours
Broadband Internet Setup Cable or DSL for Internet access 1½-2½ hours
2 Computer Wireless Network Setup 2 PCs on a wireless network 1½-3 hours
3 Computer Wireless Network Setup 3 PCs on a wireless network 2-3 hours
Large Wireless Network Please contact us for a full quote
Wired Network Please contact us for a full quote
External Peripheral Install a miscellaneous external peripheral <1 hour
Install application Install one software application <1 hour
Internal PC Card Install an internal Card (e.g. Video or Sound) <1 hour
Upgrade monitor Upgrade and configure a new monitor <1 hour
Share Internet Install and configure an Internet Gateway/Router 1-1½ hours
Anti-Virus Software Install and Configure Anti-Virus software <1 hour
Virus Removal Please contact for a full quotation
Install Firewall Setup a software firewall for 1 PC <1 hour
Data Backup Backup important data to CD (Max 700Mb) <1 hour
Spyware Removal Install Anti-Spyware and remove pests/malware 1-2 hours